About Us

Contemporary Collectors’ purpose is to raise funds through benefaction, membership and other fund raising activities to support the acquisition of contemporary art for the Art Gallery of South Australia.
Contemporary Collectors was formed in 2003 by a group of South Australian individuals who recognised that the State’s collection of contemporary art was weak by national standards unlike other areas of the collection. 

Contemporary Collectors recognise that the acquisition and exhibition of contemporary art is essential to successfully fulfill the Art Gallery's as a relevant and vital cultural institution. 

Contemporary Collectors support Art Gallery curators in their pursuit of excellence in the acquisition and exhibition of the best collection possible. This occurs primarily through providing funds for acquisitions and sourcing works for donation. 

Contemporary Collectors also play a role in engaging potential supporters and stimulating a broader audience.
To have a dynamic, engaged membership group who fund art works that over time will dramatically impact on the Art Gallery of South Australia.  

Jane Yuile