Glover, John, Britain/Australia, 1767 - 1849, A view of the artist's house and garden, in Mills Plains, Van Diemen's Land, 1835, Deddington, Tasmania, oil on canvas, 93.3 x 131.6 x 12.0 (frame). Morgan Thomas Bequest Fund 1951. Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide.


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Installation view: Camille Pissarro, France, 1830-1903, Prairie à Éragny, Éragny, France, 1886, oil on canvas, 59.4 x 73.0cm. Gift of the Gwinnett Family, James and Diana Ramsay Foundation, Roy and Marjory Edwards Bequest Fund, Margaret Olley Art Trust, Helen Bowden, Frank and Mary Choate, Peter and Pamela McKee, Emeritus Professor Anne Edwards AO, David and Pam McKee, and Members through the Art Gallery of South Australia Foundation Masterwork Appeal 2014.

Foundation Masterwork Appeal

Camille Pissarro’s Impressionist painting, Prairie à Éragny now holds prime position in the Art Gallery's permanent collection.

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Detail: Rupert BUNNY :: A summer morning :: 1897,  Paris ::  M.J.M. Carter AO Collection through the Art Gallery of South Australia Foundation 2009

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