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Engraved by W. Holl, Portrait of Turner, published 1859-61.
Photo: (c) Tate, 2013





J.M.W. Turner, The Devil’s Bridge, near Andermatt, Pass of St Gotthard,
1802. Photo: (c) Tate, 2013


J.M.W. Turner, The Fall of an Avalanche in the Grisons,
exhibited 1810. Photo: (c) Tate, 2013

HQ-20062P10 72 dpi 150 pixel  

J.M.W. Turner, Britain, 1775–1851, Scarborough town and castle:
morning:boys catching crabs, c.1810, London, watercolour on paper,
68.5 x 101.5 cm;Gift from the collection of the late Mrs S.M. Crabtree by
her children Rosalind,Robert, Richard and John assisted by the Roy and
Marjory Edwards Bequest Fund and the Art Gallery of South Australia
Foundation to commemorate the Gallery’s 125th anniversary 2006


J.M.W. Turner, Rome, from the Vatican. Raffaelle, Accompanied by
La Fornarina, Preparing his Pictures for the Decoration of the Loggia
exhibited 1820. Photo: (c) Tate, 2013


J.M.W. Turner, Regulus, 1828, reworked 1837. Photo: (c) Tate, 2013

TN A Disaster at Sea N00558  

J.M.W. Turner, A Disaster at Sea, circa 1835.
Photo: (c) Tate, 2013


J.M.W. Turner, Stormy Sea with Dolphins, circa 1835-40.
Photo: (c) Tate, 2013




J.M.W. Turner, Venice, the Bridge of Sighs, exhibited 1840.
Photo: (c) Tate, 2013




J.M.W. Turner, Venice, Moonrise, exhibited 1840.
Photo: (c) Tate, 2013





J.M.W. Turner, Sun Setting over a Lake, circa 1840.
Photo: (c) Tate, 2013






J.M.W. Turner, Waves Breaking on a Lee Shore at Margate
(Study for 'Rockets and Blue Lights')
, circa 1840.
Photo: (c) Tate, 2013




TN- TURNER Peace Burial at SeaN00528


J.M.W. Turner, Peace – Burial at Sea, exhibited 1842.
Photo: (c) Tate, 2013