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  TN BURTON Ngayuku Ngura – My Country 2012


Wawiriya Burton, Ngayuku Ngura – My Country, 2012, synthetic
polymer paint on linen; © courtesy the artist and Tjala Arts, Amata




  TN BREAKEY Cape Cassini Kangaroo Island 1999  

Kate Breakey, Cape Cassini, Kangaroo Island, 1999, archival
pigment, inkjet prints, hand-coloured with pencil and pastels;
© courtesy the artist

  TN BUCK detail Lithology 2013  

Kim Buck, Lithology, 2013, charcoal on paper, 5 panels;
© courtesy the artist and Peter Walker Fine Art, Adelaide,
photo: Matthew Stanton


TN DARLING & FORWOOD detail Country 2011


James Darling, Lesley Forwood, detail: Country, 2011,
3.5 tonnes mallee roots; © courtesy the artist and
Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide, photo: courtesy
Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide

  TN DE ROSA detail Artificial Kingdom 2013  

Chris De Rosa, detail: Artificial Kingdom, 2013, inkjet print,
etching, pigment stain on perforated Magnani paper;
© courtesy the artist, photo: Grant Hancock

  TN FAIRCLOUGH detail Quiet Industry 2010  

Wendy Fairclough, Quiet Industry, 2010, cast lead crystal,
wooden bench; © courtesy the artist, photo: Grant Hancock

  TN MACFARLANE Heartland 2013  

Stewart MacFarlane, Heartland, 2013, oil on canvas;
© courtesy the artist and Australian Galleries,
Melbourne and Sydney, photo: Saul Steed

TN NORTH Felicia 22 1976    

Ian North, Felicia 22 (Yorke Peninsula), 1976, gelatin silver print,
selenium-toned, on fibre-based paper, printed by Sandra Barnard
under the supervision of the artist, 2011, edition 3 + 1 AP;
Art Gallery of South Australia collection, © courtesy the artist
and Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide


  TN REES detail The Sky is Falling 2008


Annalise Rees, detail: The Sky is Falling (Henny Penny’s Lament),
2008, cardboard boxes, lighting; © courtesy the artist


   YhonnieScarce Cultivation of Whiteness


Yhonnie Scarce, detail: The Cultivation of Whiteness, 2013,
blown glass and scientific glass; © courtesy the artist
and Dianne Tanzer Gallery and Projects, photo: Janelle Low



  TN SLOAN Planet Caravan 2013


Paul Sloan, Planet Caravan, 2013, archival print on
Hahnemuhle photo rag; © courtesy the artist and
Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide




  TN Amata women with their birds from Paarpakani (take flight)


Tjanpi Desert Weavers from Amata with their birds from
Paarpakani (take flight) – Nyurpaya Kaika-Burton,
Yaritji Young, Mary Pan, Ilawanti Ungkutjuru Ken,
Paniny Mick 2011; © courtesy the artists and
Tjanpi Desert Weavers, NPY Women’s Council,
Alice Springs, photo: Jo Foster




  TN VALAMANESH Still image from ‘What Remains 2012


Angela Valamanesh, Hossein Valamanesh, Nassiem Valamanesh,
Still image from ‘What Remains?’, 2012, Adelaide,HD video,
looped, edition 5 + 1 AP; photo: Iain Bond, All images
© courtesy the artists and Greenaway Art Gallery,
Adelaide and Breenspace, Sydney


TN WATSON Untitled 2011


Amy Joy Watson, Untitled, 2011, balsa wood, watercolour,
polyester thread, helium balloon; © courtesy the artist and
Dianne Tanzer Gallery and Projects, Melbourne