St Joseph's Memorial School year 6 & 7 students investigating Lizard Tale (breaking cycle) by Magic Object artist Hiromi Tango. photo: Saul Steed.


Art Alive is an interactive performance program led by actors using a storytelling approach that enables students to explore, analyse and respond to selected works of art.
Students engage their senses and emotions while applying skills in thinking and evaluation that extend Arts learning.
Suitable Years 3-7
When 20 - 24 June
Session times 10-11am, 11:30am-12:30pm and 1-2pm each day
Cost $280 class group, $200 equity or country class group, maximum 30 students/class
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2 July - 9 October
The Robert Hannaford learning program assists educators in supporting students’ exploration, engagement, and understanding of the exhibition through the theme of portraiture. The learning experiences are designed to encourage students to take a closer look at selected works of art and to learn about the artist’s development through portraiture, and to compare and contrast Hannaford’s works with masterworks from the Gallery’s collection.
Learning programs are aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Visual Arts learning area, and connect to the general capabilities and cross curriculum priority areas.

Exhibition and Studio activity visits available for educators, Early Years and F-12 students.
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Whats the big idea?

In this 2 hour learning program for NAIDOC Week, students visit both the Migration Museum galleries and the Art Gallery of South Australia collections. Learning outcomes focus on developing reconciliation skills, and the highlighting of South Australia’s 40,000 year plus history.
Part 1
In this 1 hour learning program students are taken through the Migration Museum galleries separately by two different presenters and told the history of South Australia from two different perspectives- the Aboriginal perspective and the Colonisers perspectives using the same displays.
Students are challenged to think critically about their own perspectives and opinions, to question texts and sources, to identify bias and to discuss whose story is being told.
Part 2
In this 1 hour learning program students are taken through the Art Gallery of South Australia collections to explore colonial and contemporary art with a critical perspective. This will build upon the concepts explored by the Migration Museum program.
This collaborative learning program supports:
- Learning Areas: History, Civics and Citizenship, English, Visual Art
- Cross Curriculum Priority: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture
- General Capabilities: Critical and creative thinking, Ethical behavior, Intercultural understanding
Suitable  Years 3-7
When 27 June - 8 July FULLY BOOKED
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This Art Gallery of South Australia and Artlab Australia learning program provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding of science concepts and processes, and of science’s contribution to our culture and society. Through art and science participants are able to investigate the natural world, and changes made to it through human activity.
Suitable Years 4 to 7
When 8-22 August
Session times 10-11am, 11:30am-12:30pm and 1-2pm each day
Single class groups can book two sessions in one day, travelling between venues for each session.
Class groups can book up to three classes in on one day, with class groups travelling between venues.
Cost Free. 15 - 60 students per session
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Early-years children will explore numeracy and literacy in fresh ways in a new facilitated program during National Literacy and Numeracy Week, in late August.
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Early Years Self-Portrait Workshops

This workshop invites participants to reflect on the portrait and self-portraiture as a form of artistic expression using Reggio Emilia's pedagogic approach. The Reggio approach places a high value on children's ability to improvise and respond to and enjoy the unexpected.
Workshops are only available for class groups.
Suitable Kindergarten to Year 3
Wednesday 16 - Friday 18 November
Monday 21 - Friday 25 November
Session times 10-11.30am and 12.30-2pm each day
Cost $230 per class group, $160 per equity or country class group (maximum 30 children/class)
Subsidised cost for class groups less than 15 children, conditions apply.
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Meet AGSA, our cute, interactive blue creature, whose inquisitive nature will take students on an adventure through the Art Gallery of South Australia. 
This online art game supports students to investigate and experiment with art elements such as colour, shape, form, symmetry, perspective, line, texture, proportion and contrast. 
Suitable: Years 2-9
Information about Unpacking AGSA
Unpacking AGSA online interactive education game 
To successfully use this interactive game, you will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player

Changing Worlds: A South Australian story is a web-based resource aligned with Years 4, 5 and 9 Australian Curriculum (AC): History and Arts. Selected artefacts, images and works of art from the South Australian Museum and Art Gallery of South Australia have been chosen to support educators' discussions with students about the colonisation/invasion of South Australia.
The accompanying education resource has been developed to guide educators' classroom use of Changing Worlds: A South Australian story. The themes explored in this resource may be complemented by a local art gallery or museum, or the Art Gallery of South Australia and South Australian Museum.

Visit the Changing Worlds website
Changing Worlds education resource


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Outreach Education is a team of specialist DECD educators based in major public organisations. Each educator creates and manages curriculum-focused learning programs for early years to senior students and educators using the expertise, collections and events at their unique site.

image: St Joseph's Memorial School year 6 & 7 students investigating Lizard Tale (breaking cycle) by 2016 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Magic Object artist Hiromi Tango, April 2016. photo: Saul Steed

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