detail:Linda Jackson, Australia, born Melbourne 1950, Rainbow gumleaves, 1985, Sydney, stencil print on cotton, South Australian Government Grant 1999 © Linda Jackson

15 March - 29 October 2017
Galleries 19a

Linda Jackson is an icon of the Australian fashion industry. For more than 40 years she has produced bold, vivid textiles, art works and garments, pioneering a vibrant and unique Australian look that seeks inspiration from local traditions rather than from Europe or North America. Her printed, hand painted and appliqued textiles and paintings incorporate opal, gum leaf, Sturt’s Desert Pea and waratah floral motifs in bright colours. Jackson has worked collaboratively with many Australian artists and designers, most notably fashion designer Jenny Kee, producing flamboyant fashion extravaganzas that became famous for their energetic amalgamation of art, fashion and music.

In 1982 Jackson began a partnership with Aboriginal women at Utopia Station in the Northern Territory. The women of Utopia had learnt the traditional Javanese technique of batik to establish a source of income ahead of their successful 1979 land claim. Since that time, Utopia has become known as one of the most diverse and internationally successful arts communities in Central Australia.
This display features garments and textiles from Jackson’s Utopia collection and other recent acquisitions from the artist’s archive alongside exquisite pieces from the Gallery’s collection of Utopia batik.

detail: Mintabie Opal Fields in 1988 Image courtesy Linda Jackson Photo Fran Moore


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