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Presented by the James and Diana Ramsay Foundation

The Studio is a free activity space in the Art Gallery for children, families and art lovers of all ages that changes with each major exhibition. It makes available ‘hands on’ activities daily, with a focus on school groups during the week.

The Studio is free, all materials are supplied. It is located on the Lower Ground Floor, opposite the restaurant.

During exhibition change-over periods please call 08 8207 7000 to check on The Studio's availability.


Dark Heart Studio

Have you ever crossed your fingers for good luck? Thrown salt over your shoulder to keep the devil away? Artist Julia Robinson presents The Studio, an immersive and interactive art space full of superstitions. Create an imaginative good-luck talisman you can wear, hang in your home or keep in your pocket.
When: Daily (may be in use by school groups on weekdays 10am - 3pm)
Cost: Free, all materials supplied for more information

To find out about our Schools Learning Programs in The Studio please visit the Learning section of the website.