Australian :: Decorative Arts

Bruce [cabinet on stand]

LIEW, Khai, designer
Australia, 1952

NUSKE, Bruce, ceramist
Australia, 1949

Bruce [cabinet on stand]

from the 'Collec+tors' series

2010, Cabinet, Norwood, South Australia; tiles, Adelaide, South Australia

American white oak, porcellaneous stoneware, sgraffito decoration

130.0 x 212.0 x 50.0 cm

Gift of Michael Armitage, Susan Armitage, Philip Bacon AM, Colin and Robyn Cowan, Julian and Stephanie Grose, Andrew and Hiroko Gwinnett, Jim and Andrea Katsaros, Diana Laidlaw AM, Sonia Laidlaw, Macquarie Group Foundation, David McKee, Pam McKee, Jillian Russell, Peter and Mary Sutherland, Janet Worth to the Collec+ors Appeal through the Art Gallery of South Australia Foundation 2012

Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

Courtesy the artist


Currently on display in Gallery 06