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   Ashanti Doll (Fertility Idol?)

   Boy and goose

   Caesar Augustus

   Canoe prow decorational ornament with central mask

   Door for granary five rows of upright figures

   Figure Group (tree of man)

   Figure of an angel

   Frieze - three men - taller one in centre. Arms being restrained by "kneeling" men.

   House post in form of man with bird. Standing on his shoulders.

   Isis holding Horus

   Knight and retainer

   Large bronze necklet with fourteen small cast heads attached.

   Large Tapa Mask

   Large Tapa Mask

   Male Kulan men's house sculpture


   Osiris figurine

   Our Lady of Sorrows

   Pair of Benin bronze sceptre heads double figure male-female Janusform

   Polychrome painted mask - cone shaped with four faces.

   Portrait bust of Andrea Vendramin from the Vendramin monument

   Pregnant female figure? or ancestor figure






   Rosary Bead of Christ and the Virgin

   Sepulchral altar: Roman

   Sepulchral altar: Roman

   Shield cream coloured wood with hi carved relief.

   Small Mask - form based on singed seed.

   St Roch

   St. Cecelia

   St. Jerome in the wilderness

   St. John

   St. Peter

   Stone bird

   Stone Head

   The Sybil Triburtina prophesying to Augustus Caesar the coming of Christ

   Two Apostles, St Matthew and St James (minor)

   Two apostles, St Simon and St Jude.

   Virgin and child