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Titles by the artist:

RODIN, Auguste

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   Andrieu d'Andres, monumental

   Andrieu d’Andres, head of the reduction, with fragments of the hand

   Assemblage: the toilette of Venus and Andromeda

   Balzac, Study for the Head with a Lock of Hair Falling on the Right, occasionally known as Study after Bertall

   Bust of Saint John the Baptist

   Flying Figure, large version

   Funerary Spirit, Head

   Giganti, Head

   Head of a young boy

   Iris, study with head

   Jacques de Wissant, Monumental

   Jean de Fiennes, Head

   Jean de Fiennes, head of the reduction, with left hand

   Kneeling Man

   Pierre de Wissant, Monumental Nude

   Sketch of the Monument to Claude Lorrain

   The inner voice

   The three shades

   The Walking Man, large torso

   The Walking Man, Study for the Torso