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MENPES, Mortimer

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   (Hanging out the washing)

   (Houses by a canal)

   (Mealtime, Japan)

   (Moorish Khadirs)

   (The cradle, Brittany)

   A back canal, Osaka

   A back canal, Osaka

   A bridge at Srinagar

   A city wharf

   A cloisonné worker

   A cloisonné worker

   A distant view of the city

   A giant oak

   A river scene, Japan

   A river scene, Japan

   A tea house, Shanghai

   A tranquil waterway, Japan

   A village woman, China

   An iris garden, Tokyo

   At Jeypore

   Below Waterloo bridge

   Breton interior, Pont Aven

   Bronze workers, Japan

   By the light of the lamp

   Canal looking to bridge?


   Cottage, West Hendred

   D. G. Rossetti

   Duke of York steps and St Pauls

   Dumb barges

   G.F. Watts



   Hay barges

   Henry Irving

   Horsemen on a bridge, Srinagar

   Ice Ship

   In the city of Jeypore

   Indian standard bearer

   Jaipur: midday sun



   Knitting, Brittany

   Late afternoon, Venice

   Leading to the temple


   Loading a junk, Hong Kong

   Midday sun, Jeypore

   Miss Constance Collier

   Mona Lisa

   Monocle right eye, portrait of J.M. Whistler

   Mrs Brown-Potter (as Juliet)


   Nagasaki: upstream from harbour

   Near Limehouse

   On the Lagoon


   Osaka, a bridge

   Osaka, landing stage on the river

   Palazzi on the canal

   Pardon of Tremlo

   Picnicking, Japan

   Reflective, Japan

   Rich only in colour

   Richmond Park



   Scene at Tangiers


   Self portrait

   Shot Tower


   Srinagar, river

   Srinagar: river front

   Stall under a tree, Jeypore

   Street scene, Jeypore

   Sunshine and shadow

   The carpenter

   The end of the festival, Japan

   The Lido

   The pulse of life beats faintly

   The river pilgrims (Cashmere)

   The Venice of Japan (2)

   Three sailing boats

   Under the bridge, Japan

   View in the Pool

   View of the South Bank near London Bridge

   Waterside, teahouse


   Wharf scene

   Whistler - no. 1 (Wiser than the wise)

   Workers in silver and gold

   Young bronze workers, Japan