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GOYA, Francisco

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   A bad night

   A gift for the master

   A way of flying

   A Woman's Charity

   Against the common good

   All will fall

   An heroic feat! With dead men!

   And his house is on fire

   And so was his grandfather

   And still they don't go!

   And there's no help for it

   And they are like wild beasts

   And this too

   Animal folly

   Appeals are in vain


   Be quick, they are waking up

   Because she was susceptible

   Bitter to be present



   Bury them and keep quiet

   Can't anyone untie (annul) us?

   Carnival folly

   Cartloads to the cemetery


   Charlatans' Show

   Clear folly


   Cruel tale of woe!

   Devout profession

   Disorderly folly or Matrimonial folly

   Don't scream, stupid

   Even thus he cannot make her out

   Even worse

   Everything is topsy-turvy

   Feline pantomime

   Feminine folly

   Flying folly

   Folly of fear

   Fools' - or little bulls' - folly

   Francisco Goya y Lucientes, painter

   Funereal folly

   Furious folly

   General folly

   God forgive her: and it was her mother

   Harvest of the dead.

   He defends himself well.

   He deserved it

   He gets something out of it

   Here comes the bogey-man


   How they pluck her!


   I saw it

   It always happens

   It is better to be lazy

   It is nicely stretched

   It is time

   It is time

   It serves you right

   It will be the same

   It's a hard step!

   It's no use crying out

   Lads making ready

   Look how solemn they are!

   Love and death


   May the cord break

   Merry folly

   Might not the pupil know more?

   Nanny's boy

   Neither do these

   Neither do they

   Neither more nor less

   No one has seen us

   Nobody knows himself

   Nor this time

   Nothing could be done about it

   Nothing. The event will tell.

   Of what ill will he die?

   On account of a knife

   One can't look

   One can't tell why

   Out hunting for teeth

   Perhaps they are of another breed

   Poor folly

   Poor little girls!

   Punctual folly


   Ravages of war

   Ridiculous folly

   Rightly or wrongly

   Sad forebodings of what is going to happen

   She fleeces him

   She prays for her


   Sleep overcomes them

   Strange devotion!

   Swallow it, dog

   Take care of them, and on to the next


   Thanks to the millet

   That certainly is being able to read

   That is the worst of it!

   That's tough!

   The beds of death

   The carnivorous vulture

   The Chinchillas

   The consequences.

   The filiation

   The healthy and the sick

   The horse-abductor

   The men in sacks

   The moors settled in Spain, giving up the superstitions of the Koran, adopted this art of hunting, and spear a bull in the open

   The same

   The same elsewhere

   The shamefaced one

   The sleep of reason produces monsters

   The women give courgage

   The worst is to beg

   There is no one to help them.

   There is plenty to suck

   There isn't time now

   There they go plucked (ie fleeced)

   There was nothing to be done and he died

   These too

   They are hot

   They can still be of use

   They carried her off !

   They do not agree

   They do not arrive in time

   They do not know the way

   They don't like it

   They escape through the flames

   They have flown

   They loose dogs on the bull

   They make use of them

   They say yes and give their hand to the first comer

   They spin finely

   They've already got a seat

   This is bad

   This is how it happened

   This is not less so

   This is what you were born for

   This is worse

   This too

   Those specks of dust

   To rise and to fail

   To the cemetery

   To the Count Palatine or Count of the Palate


   Triple folly

   Truth has died

   Two of a kind

   Unhappy mother!

   Wait till you've been anointed

   Well-known folly

   What a golden beak!

   What a sacrifice!

   What a tailor can do!

   What courage !

   What is this hubbub?

   What madness!

   What more can be done?

   What one does to another

   What's the use of a bowl?

   When day breaks we will be off

   Where is mother going?

   Which of them is the more overcome?

   Who would have thought it!

   Why hide them?


   Will she rise again?

   Wonderful advice

   Yes he broke the pot

   You understand?... well, as I say... eh! Look out! otherwise...

   You who cannot

   You will not escape