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Titles by the artist:


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   "I'll see to this matter, once and for all"

   "The Milliner here again?"

   'How happy I could be with either'

   'Yosemite' steamboat

   A game of chess

   Amiens Cathedral

   Balmoral Castle

   Below the American Fall

   Bust portrait of woman wearing bonnet with bow

   Cartoon battle scene - 1

   Cartoon battle scene - 1

   Cartoon battle scene - 10

   Cartoon battle scene - 11

   Cartoon battle scene - 12

   Cartoon battle scene - 2

   Cartoon battle scene - 3

   Cartoon battle scene - 4

   Cartoon battle scene - 5

   Cartoon battle scene - 6

   Cartoon battle scene - 8

   Cartoon battle scene - 9

   Champs Elysée

   Costumed figure against plinth, tromp l'oeil screen at rear

   Crowd watching balloon ascend


   Flower seller in alleyway

   Flower seller in snowy street

   Four figures at table, woman wearing lace embellished dress in foreground

   Group gathered at table, gentleman wearing top hat at left

   Holyrood House

   Hotel des Invalides

   Illustration portraying angels at periphery of holy city

   Illustration portraying biblical landscape

   Illustration portraying frogs leaping from pie

   Illustration portraying interior of grand hall

   Illustration portraying pear, man and woman

   Illustration portraying soldier and weeping woman

   Little boy steering ship caught in squall

   Masher and hat - 1

   Masher and hat - 3

   Men and women on horseback, wooden structure at rear

   Military procession

   Monte Carlo

   Our brave defenders

   Panorama of Paris

   Petit cloître de Musée

   Portrait of a woman reclining on chaise, hand held to cheek

   Portrait of a woman wearing head scarf, locket at neck

   Portrait of a woman, hands held to hips, tromp l'oeil screen at rear

   Portrait of Queen Victoria

   Portrait of woman seated on bench against tromp l'oeil screen

   Portrait of woman wearing lace veil in hair

   Portrait of young woman adorned with jewels

   Portrait of young woman wearing crucifix at neck

   Portrait of young woman wearing garland, urn of flowers held at side

   Portrait of young woman wearing pearls in hair and at neck

   Resting place of Private L.J. Whitbread

   Royal outing, carriage at right

   Royal outing, horses and carriages in middleground

   Several subjects gathered in parlour, patterned paper on wall

   Sitting, promenading in public garden

   The Colosseum

   The fireman's wedding

   The Holy city

   The last request

   The snow arch on Lunar Island

   The Stevens Airship

   Three people in parlour, floral curtain at left

   Three people in parlour, gentleman reading newspaper at right

   Three subjects in parlour, gentleman covering woman's eyes

   Two women wearing costumes, tromp l'oeil screen at rear

   View of Cannes

   Vignette portrait of Princess Margherita

   Westminster Abbey

   Windsor Castle

   Woman reclining on chair, mirror at right

   Woman reclining on chaise, Jesus entering Jerusalem at right