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Titles by the artist:

MORRIS, William

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   Acanthus wallpaper

   Adjustable-back chair upholstered in Bird

   Apple wallpaper (blue)

   Bird [length of fabric]

   Brer rabbit

   Brer rabbit

   Crown imperial curtain [blue]

   Daisy tile panel

   Dove and rose curtain

   Evenlode curtain

   Eyebright dress

   Floral tile [two]

   Ispahan curtain

   Lily carpet (fragment)

   Lily wallpaper

   Lodden slip-cover

   Marigold wallpaper

   Medway curtain

   Oak table cover

   Peacock and dragon curtain [blue]

   Peacock and dragon [blue]

   Pink and rose wallpaper

   Poppy wallpaper [green]

   Small Barr carpet

   St James curtain

   St James curtain

   Stair carpet

   Strawberry thief curtains

   Swan tile

   Swan tile

   The Well at the World's End

   Trellis wallpaper

   Tulip pelmet [red]

   Tulip [blue]

   Wallflower wallpaper

   Wild tulip wallpaper [blue]

   Wild tulip wallpaper [yellow]

   Willow boughs wallpaper

   Willow boughs wallpaper

   Windrush [furnishing fabric]


   Wreath carpet