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Titles by the artist:


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   Acanthus portière

   Acanthus wallpaper

   Adjustable-back chair upholstered in Bird

   Apple wallpaper (blue)

   Armchair with 'Persian brocatel' upholstery

   Armchair with 'Trent' slip-cover

   Australia table cover

   Bench with 'Bourne' slip-cover

   Bird [length of fabric]

   Brer rabbit

   Brer rabbit

   Bric-a-brac cabinet





   Celandine wallpaper

   Cherwell curtain

   Compton curtain [blue]

   Crown imperial curtain [blue]

   Daffodil curtain

   Daisy tile panel

   Double bough wallpaper

   Dove and rose curtain

   Evenlode curtain

   Eyebright dress


   Floral tile [two]

   Flower pot, bi-fold screen

   Gladiolus table cover

   Golden bough curtain


   Honeysuckle wallpaper

   House decorating and furnishing by Morris and Coy. Decorators Ltd (book)

   Ispahan curtain

   Lily carpet (fragment)

   Lily wallpaper

   Lodden slip-cover

   Mantle border

   Mantle border

   Marigold wallpaper

   Medway curtain

   Oak table cover

   Peacock and dragon curtain [blue]

   Peacock and dragon [blue]

   Pink and rose wallpaper

   Poppy table cover

   Poppy wallpaper [green]

   Redcar carpet [modified]

   Rose and lily curtain

   Rose and lily curtain

   Rossetti armchair


   Small anemone table cover

   Small Barr carpet

   St James curtain

   St James curtain

   Stair carpet

   Strawberry thief curtains

   Sussex armchair

   Sussex settee

   Swan tile

   Swan tile

   Table cover

   The Adoration of the Magi

   Trellis wallpaper

   Trent curtain

   Tulip pelmet [red]

   Tulip [blue]

   Wallflower wallpaper

   Wallpaper pattern book [Robert Barr Smith]

   Welcome maids of honour firescreen

   Wild peony fire-screen

   Wild tulip wallpaper [blue]

   Wild tulip wallpaper [yellow]

   Willow boughs wallpaper

   Willow boughs wallpaper

   Windrush [furnishing fabric]


   Wreath carpet