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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:


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   Crayon portrait of gentleman with patterned tie

   Portrait of bearded gentleman facing left

   Portrait of bearded gentleman facing right

   Portrait of bearded gentleman wearing ribbon tie

   Portrait of couple, arms resting on studio chairs

   Portrait of Father Tappeiner

   Portrait of gentleman facing left

   Portrait of gentleman facing right

   Portrait of gentleman in black frock coat

   Portrait of gentleman seated beneath ivy-filled urn

   Portrait of gentleman with long white beard

   Portrait of gentleman with salt and pepper beard

   Portrait of gentleman with tie pin

   Portrait of mother with two children

   Portrait of two gentlemen in frock coats

   Portrait of woman wearing diamond- shaped brooch at neck

   Portrait of woman wearing lace fichu

   Portrait of woman wearing velvet coat

   Portrait of woman, hand on chair back, facing right

   Portrait of woman, seated and with book

   Portrait of young man facing right

   Portrait of young man wearing double breasted jacket

   Portrait of young man with long beard

   Portrait of young man, buttonholes in both lapels

   Portrait of young man, elbow resting on chair back

   Portrait of young woman in black buttoned dress

   Portrait of young woman wearing brooch and pendant

   Portrait of young woman wearing pendant

   Portrait of young woman wearing ruched dress with lace collar and cuffs

   Portrait of young woman with ringlets

   Portrait of young woman with ringlets

   Portrait of young woman, black bow at neck

   Portrait of young woman, brooch at neck

   Portrait of young woman, crucifix at neck

   Portrait of young woman, hands resting on parlour chair

   Portrait of young woman, white scarf and flowers at neck

   Vignette portrait of gentleman facing right

   Vignette portrait of gentleman with striped tie