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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:

UREN, James

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   Portrait of bearded gentleman facing right

   Portrait of bearded man, woman and child

   Portrait of boy wearing double breasted jacket and patterned neck tie

   Portrait of fair haired boy beside fur skin

   Portrait of gentleman wearing four button frock coat

   Portrait of gentleman wearing patterned waistcoat

   Portrait of girl wearing dress with floral motif, feet upon stool

   Portrait of girl wearing locket and dress with floral motif

   Portrait of girl wearing tiered dress and lace collar

   Portrait of girl wearing velvet dress

   Portrait of little girl wearing dress with floral motif

   Portrait of little girl wearing white pinny and striped socks

   Portrait of Thomas Evans

   Portrait of two boys wearing double breasted jackets

   Portrait of two girls, one with book in hand

   Portrait of two small children

   Portrait of woman facing forward, curtain at side

   Portrait of woman wearing dress with three rows of buttons on bodice

   Portrait of woman wearing fringed scarf with fichu and belt

   Portrait of woman wearing garland of flowers beside gentleman with long ribbon at lapel

   Portrait of woman, book in hand

   Portrait of woman, child on lap

   Portrait of woman, hand resting on base of column prop

   Portrait of young gentleman, hand raised to hip

   Portrait of young man wearing check pants, hat at side

   Portrait of young man with dark beard, facing right

   Portrait of young man with oiled hair and centre part

   Portrait of young woman against plinth, statuette at side

   Portrait of young woman posed beside column prop

   Portrait of young woman wearing check print dress

   Portrait of young woman with fair haired child on knee

   Portrait of young woman with intricate "up-do"

   Portrait of young woman, comb in hair

   Portrait of young woman, small posy in hand

   Portrait of young woman, tromp l'oeil screen in background

   Studio portrait of woman beside chaise longue, book in hand, painted window behind

   Studio portrait of woman in black dress beside chaise longue, painted window behind

   Studio portrait of woman in lace-collared dress beside chaise longue, painted window behind

   Vignette portrait of gentleman wearing small ribbon tie

   Vignette portrait of woman with lace collar