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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:


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   Crayon portrait of elderly woman, brooch pinned to lace collar

   Crayon portrait of gentleman with curly hair

   Crayon portrait of woman wearing dress with embellished bodice

   Crayon portrait of young man with oiled hair and moustache

   Crayon portrait of young woman wearing pearl necklace, gaze directed to the left

   Crayon portrait of young woman with frilly collar

   Crayon portrait of young woman, corsage pinned to ruched bodice

   Portrait of a gentleman seated on wicker chair, arm resting on writing desk

   Portrait of a girl facing left

   Portrait of a woman wearing lace collar and jacket with brocade embellishments

   Portrait of a woman wearing large gigot sleeves, corsage pinned at chest

   Portrait of a woman wearing spectacles

   Portrait of bearded and bespectacled gentleman

   Portrait of boy beside writing desk

   Portrait of boy holding cricket bat

   Portrait of dark haired woman wearing dress with gigot sleeves

   Portrait of dark haired woman, hand resting on ornamental screen

   Portrait of fair-haired child with cricket bat

   Portrait of gentleman beside writing desk

   Portrait of gentleman by balustrade, hand in pocket

   Portrait of gentleman perched on plinth, hat held on knee

   Portrait of gentleman wearing carnations in buttonhole

   Portrait of gentleman wearing check tie

   Portrait of gentleman wearing crucifix

   Portrait of gentleman wearing patterned necktie and pocket handkerchief

   Portrait of gentleman wearing striped suit jacket

   Portrait of gentleman with decorated buttonhole

   Portrait of gentleman with decorated buttonhole

   Portrait of gentleman with striped tie, decorated buttonhole and pocket handkerchief

   Portrait of gentleman, boater hat on writing desk at side

   Portrait of girl wearing bow at waist, plants at side

   Portrait of girl with ivy, boy with bat

   Portrait of grey-bearded gentleman

   Portrait of Gustave Winkler

   Portrait of little girl wearing lace collar, roses in hand

   Portrait of seated gentleman wearing striped pants

   Portrait of seated woman wearing lace-trimmed bonnet

   Portrait of seated woman with book, bespectacled man at side

   Portrait of three members of the Liston family

   Portrait of two children, the elder with cricket bat

   Portrait of woman perched on arm of chair, palm plant at side

   Portrait of woman with flower in hand, seated gentleman with decorated buttonhole at side

   Portrait of young man perched upon carved table, hand upon wicker chair

   Portrait of young man seated at writing desk

   Portrait of young man wearing fine check suit

   Portrait of young man wearing tweed suit

   Portrait of young woman wearing brooch and double strand of pearls

   Portrait of young woman wearing hair in plait

   Portrait of young woman wearing pearl necklace

   Portrait of young woman wearing spectacles and jacket with small gigot sleeves

   Portrait of young woman with two brooches

   Portrait of young woman, bull rushes at side

   Portrait of young woman, hair pulled back from face

   Portrait of young woman, hand upon curtain, palm plant at side

   Small portrait of two women

   Studio portrait of a young man, one hand held to hip, the other on ledge of desk

   Studio portrait of young woman wearing flowers at bust, lace collar and leg of mutton sleeves

   Wedding portrait

   Wedding portrait

   Wedding portrait

   Wedding portrait

   Wedding portrait