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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:


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   Crayon portrait of gentleman with oiled hair

   Crayon portrait of Mrs Paul Scott

   Crayon portrait of woman, brooch at neck

   Crayon portrait of young woman, gaze directed to the right

   Miss Adams of North Adelaide

   Portrait of a Muslim gentleman

   Portrait of a woman wearing cuffs of black lace

   Portrait of baby

   Portrait of baby atop fur skin and chair

   Portrait of baby on parlour chair

   Portrait of baby sitting in an armchair

   Portrait of baby wearing pale coloured smock

   Portrait of baby wearing white smock

   Portrait of bearded gentleman

   Portrait of bearded gentleman in uniform

   Portrait of bearded gentleman, small dog at side

   Portrait of brown bearded gentleman

   Portrait of Charlie Wooldridge

   Portrait of child skipping rope in hand

   Portrait of child upon rocking horse

   Portrait of Elizabeth Ireland

   Portrait of fur-headed gentlemen

   Portrait of gentleman in faux outdoor setting

   Portrait of gentleman wearing spotted neck tie

   Portrait of gentleman with fur lined coat

   Portrait of gentleman with moustache

   Portrait of gentleman with spotted tie and buttonhole

   Portrait of gentleman with striped tie and spectacles

   Portrait of gentleman, seated

   Portrait of girl holding album upon lap

   Portrait of girl holding album upon lap

   Portrait of girl with open photograph album

   Portrait of girl with velvet ribbon around neck

   Portrait of little boy atop fur skin rug

   Portrait of little boy wearing pleated smock

   Portrait of little girl with basket

   Portrait of man flanked by eucalypt leaves

   Portrait of mother and child

   Portrait of sleeping baby

   Portrait of two boys against bannister

   Portrait of two young men in faux outdoor setting

   Portrait of woman holding child

   Portrait of woman in striped dress with lace collar

   Portrait of woman resting head on hand

   Portrait of woman wearing bonnet, album in lap

   Portrait of woman wearing brooch at neck

   Portrait of woman wearing crucifix

   Portrait of woman wearing crucifix

   Portrait of woman wearing feather headpiece

   Portrait of woman wearing hat and dark dress, fur at side

   Portrait of woman wearing quizzical espression

   Portrait of woman wearing small headpiece

   Portrait of woman with long lace collar holding book

   Portrait of woman with open photograph album

   Portrait of woman, elaborately dressed

   Portrait of woman, elbow resting upon book

   Portrait of woman, flower in hand

   Portrait of woman, open album upon table

   Portrait of young gentleman with oiled hair and striped tie

   Portrait of young girl holding flower

   Portrait of young girl leaning on bannister

   Portrait of young girl with book

   Portrait of young lady in beaded dress

   Portrait of young lady, brooch at throat

   Portrait of young man in double-breasted jacket

   Portrait of young man with oiled hair and pocket handkerchief

   Portrait of young woman and elderly man with slim wooden cane

   Portrait of young woman at table

   Portrait of young woman beside fur skin

   Portrait of young woman facing forward

   Portrait of young woman facing left

   Portrait of young woman wearing dark dress adorned with double row of buttons

   Portrait of young woman wearing dark dress adorned with double row of buttons

   Portrait of young woman, corsage attached to collar

   Portrait of young woman, curtain in hand

   Portrait of young woman, hand upon cheek

   Portrait ot Nellie Margarey

   Profile portrait of a woman wearing black earrings

   Studio portrait of two boys sitting on basket, aboard a ship

   The first Congregational Chapel in South Australia

   Vignette portrait of bespectacled woman wearing bonnet

   Vignette portrait of fair-haired gentleman

   Vignette portrait of gentleman with white beard

   Vignette portrait of woman in checked dress and bow

   Vignette portrait of young gentleman facing left

   Vignette portrait of young woman wearing lace collar