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     Photography pre 1920


Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:


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   Christmas cabinet card depicting various Adelaide attractions

   Clare in flood

   Clare in flood

   Clare in flood

   Clare in flood

   Clare main street

   Crayon portrait of a woman with oval-shaped brooch at neck

   Four figures on bridge over creek running swiftly

   Group portrait of nine men with rope

   Large group portrait of people gathered by church

   Origen Hooper with his penny-farthing

   Portrait of a man with horse and cart beside small stone building

   Portrait of baby in white gown atop fur carpet

   Portrait of baby wearing white gown with dark sash

   Portrait of boy in double breasted jacket

   Portrait of Catherine Hooper?

   Portrait of Catherine Hooper?

   Portrait of Edwin Marchant

   Portrait of fair-haired child standing on parlour chair

   Portrait of gentleman facing forward

   Portrait of gentleman in single-breasted jacket, facing forward

   Portrait of gentleman with full beard and check pants

   Portrait of gentleman, fingers hooked in jacket pocket

   Portrait of George Lionel Marchant

   Portrait of George Lionel Marchant

   Portrait of girl wearing white necklace and tights

   Portrait of Henry Marchant?

   Portrait of little boy holding toy trumpet

   Portrait of little boy in sailor suit

   Portrait of little boy wearing brass button suit and pocket handkerchief

   Portrait of little boy wearing sailor suit

   Portrait of little boy wearing striped socks

   Portrait of little boy, bow at neck

   Portrait of little girl holding flower basket

   Portrait of Olive, Lucy and George Marchant

   Portrait of standing woman beside seated man, painted screen at rear

   Portrait of two men reading a letter

   Portrait of two young women wearing embellished dresses

   Portrait of woman against trompe l'oeil screen, glove in hand

   Portrait of woman in mourning dress

   Portrait of woman wearing bonnet with flowers

   Portrait of woman wearing flower embellished hat, hand held behind back

   Portrait of woman wearing lace collar and cuffs

   Portrait of woman, hand raised to cheek

   Portrait of young gentleman wearing spotted neck tie

   Portrait of young man in double-breasted jacket

   Portrait of young man seated in parlour chair, legs crossed

   Portrait of young man with trumpet, cap upon plinth

   Portrait of young woman wearing black dress with velvet trim

   Portrait of young woman, flower basket at side, draped curtain at rear

   Portrait of young woman, fur at side

   Self portrait

   Studio portrait of a couple, gentleman with legs crossed

   Studio portrait of young couple, side table at left

   Tableaux portrait of three merchants and a buyer

   Vignette portrait of gentleman seated on fur-covered chaise longue

   Vignette portrait of heavily bearded gentleman

   Vignette portrait of heavily bearded gentleman

   Vignette portrait of woman wearing plume embellished bonnet

   Walloway train disaster: view of locomotive before the arrival of the relief gang