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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:


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   A bit of Thursday Island

   A live crocodile, Queensland

   Asian waterway

   Barron Falls, North Queensland

   Battle scene with winged creatures

   Birth of the Virgin

   Cairns, Queensland

   Cairns, Queensland

   Cutting sugarcane

   Death of a saint

   Duccio altarpiece

   Duccio's 'Entombment of the Virgin'

   From the Summa Theologiae

   God and Bad Government

   Great Britain's annual expenditure: drink vs. foreign missions

   Herodieas craving the head of John the Baptist

   Hinchinbrook Passage, North Queensland

   Hyacinth Lagoon, Mackay

   Lippi altarpiece

   Mary and Christ

   Miranda line, Cairns

   Mt. Swallow, Hambledon

   Showing the red bluff 600 feet above the River Barron

   Statue of Liberty

   The Bluff, Hinchinbrook

   The Resurrection

   Townsville from Castle Hill

   Tracklayer, between West and South Australia

   View of railway, men in row at right, most with arms crossed