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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:

BOND, attributed to S P

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   Anatomical drawing with five parts

   Anatomical drawing with three parts

   Anatomical drawing: a human arm

   Anatomical drawing: course of ingesta

   Anatomical drawing: human bones

   Anatomical drawing: interior organs of a human being

   Anatomical drawing: systemic circulation

   Anatomical drawing: the eye

   Anatomical drawing: the hear and lungs

   Anatomical drawing: the heart

   Anatomical drawing: the heart and lungs

   Anatomical drawing: the heart and surrounding organs

   Anatomical drawing: the human heart

   Anatomical drawing: the human skeleton

   Anatomical drawing: the jaw

   Anatomical drawing: the structure of the retina

   Anatomical drawing: the tongue

   Anatomical drawing: viscera of human body

   Skeleton of a human hand

   The Cyclist's Elopement - 5

   The Cyclists' Elopement - 1

   The Cyclists' Elopement - 2

   The Cyclists' Elopement - 3

   The Cyclists' Elopement - 4

   The Cyclists' Elopement - 6