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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:


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   Crayon portrait of child holding flower

   Group portrait of five children

   Harrington's Draper store

   Portrait of a man in tweed coat with chain

   Portrait of a woman with brooch at throat

   Portrait of gentleman with moustache

   Portrait of gentleman, curtain at side

   Portrait of little boy with flowers

   Portrait of man, hat upturned by side

   Portrait of three boys

   Portrait of three children

   Portrait of two children

   Portrait of two children

   Portrait of woman against chair

   Portrait of woman and child

   Portrait of woman with black ribbon at neck

   Portrait of woman with brooch at neck

   Portrait of woman, hand atop book

   Portrait of young boy, hat in hand

   Portrait of young man, arm resting on plinth

   Stone Hall, Prospect