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TIPPING, Richard Kelly

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   Airpoet, 1979

   Art Allergy

   Art Allergy

   Austerica, 1979/88

   Australia Poet, 1983

   Australian Made

   Crossing the Hump (Evening)


   Enjoy, 1981

   Hot chips, 1983

   Mangoes - Poem, 1972

   Meat mart

   Ned Nolan Kelly

   Opening Brid e, 1979-80

   Smile: Coke Adds Li e, 1981

   Smothered-Design for a Neon, 1980

   Start Freeway, Melbourne

   The Australian Touch, 1988

   The Blood of the Poet

   The Race, 1967

   Untitled (Form 1 Planet)

   Untitled (Holy shit)

   Untitled (No more Cunding Futs)

   Untitled (she swore o like an Angel)

   Untitled (Sunlight)