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   "Ho Joe!"

   "She's warm alright!"

   "What a cow!"

   An opera house in every home

   Bird watching

   Bookplate: Alexander Robert Turnbull

   Bookplate: Clive Stephen

   Bookplate: E.L. Thompson

   Bookplate: Eric Johnston

   Bookplate: Eric Thake

   Bookplate: George Godwin

   Bookplate: H.B. Muir

   Bookplate: H.B. Muir

   Bookplate: Jean Daley

   Bookplate: John Gartner

   Bookplate: P. Neville Barnett

   Bookplate: V.S. Hewett

   Desert Island [Christmas card]

   Gallery Director or "This way to Phar Lap"

   Guide lecture

   Heels and heeler, Charleville [Christmas card]

   Linocut block for 'Desiderata' or 'That Hollow Log at Alice Springs'

   Roadside Bunyip [Christmas card]

   The habitat of the dodo

   The inhabitants of this country...

   The plume hunter