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   'Tis the white plum tree'




   Adam and Eve

   Adam and Eve and heroes

   Adam and Eve in bed

   Aging actress

   Ah sun-flower

   Ah, sunflower

   America the good

   Anatomical Study I



   At the window


   Beauty and beast

   Beauty and Bob

   Birdcage woman

   Birds would sing


   Black family

   Bob and Ronda

   Botanical man

   Box of beauty


   Boy and girl

   Boy and the moon

   Boys and girls

   Break of day


   British aristocrat

   Buddy Holly and the Mods and Rockers

   Butterfly hunter



   Cat Lady


   Children with sunflower

   Circus girl

   Circus ladies

   Conversation with flowers

   Crucified clown


   Daphnis and Ganymede

   Dear Miss Ethel Barringer



   Dolly vamp of the North

   Dolly's one true love

   Dolly's one true love


   Dreaming woman

   Earth Mother

   Earth Mother



   Eve and Adam

   Eve with birds

   Falling girl

   Female figure

   Fig.208. - Superficial nerves on the side of the neck and back of the scalp.


   Figures in a dream

   Figures on a head

   Floating girl

   Floating girl


   Floral figure

   Floral lady

   Flower girl

   Flower piece

   Flying Mother

   Four little men


   Ghost dancers

   Girl and the moon

   Girl in a cardigan

   Girl in a cardigan

   Girl with a bird on her head

   Girl with a cat

   Girl with birds

   Girl with cat

   Girl with flowers

   Girl with leaves in her hair

   Girl with stars

   Girl, cat, bird

   Girls at play

   Green singer

   He is coming

   Head with numbers



   His heart did hope

   Homage to Buddy Holly

   Homage to Buddy Holly II

   I love you pin-up

   In the eyes

   Infant joy

   Jungle lovers

   Lady Chatterley and her Lover

   Lady Lazarus

   Laughing Jack

   Little girls

   Little men



   Lovers with a birdcage

   Lovers with a birdcage

   Man and woman

   Man in the moon

   Memento Mori

   Memento Mori

   Men and Women

   Miracle modess



   Moss-haired girl I

   Moss-haired girl II

   Mother 1933

   Mother and baby II

   Mother and baby III

   Mother and father


   No baby for aunty

   No fat women in Canada now

   Old woman with a shawl

   Old woman with a shawl

   Our Lady of the Flowers


   Passion house

   Peter and the seven deadly sins

   Pigeon tamer

   Pink family

   Praying woman





   Small Eve

   Small girl and boy



   So do the deep children

   So pale and pretty

   Song be delicate



   Spring-time in the Botanic Gardens



   Sun and Stars

   Sweet disguise

   Sweet dreams

   Sweetens the tune

   Sweethearts of Jesus

   Tart and stars

   Tea time

   The Angel

   The beloved

   The Beloved

   The days are long

   The dog will come...

   The dog, the cat

   The engagement

   The eye of God!

   The General and Mata Hari

   The General and Mata Hari

   The General and Mata Hari and me

   The General gives up all for Mata Hari

   The Good-morrow

   The Good-morrow

   The hypnotist

   The kitten and the falling leaves

   The orange tree

   The power of example

   The puppet-master

   The race

   The shower will pass soon

   The sun is up

   The sweetening of the year

   The Tyger

   The World - Coney Island

   This necklace of water drops

   Thou makest darkness...

   Three Graces


   To see a world in a grain of sand...

   Twin heads

   Two figures

   Two girlfriends in a garden

   Two men with ties

   Tyger! Tyger!

   Under the earth

   Under the eye of God

   Under the green

   Vanishing Act

   Virgin pin-up

   Visionary heroine

   Waiting room

   Wedding bed blues

   Wedding dreams in the park

   Wedding Night




   Woman and bird


   Women and the moon

   Young girl