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   Autumn town

   Black hole

   Bugs tree


   Computer road



   Dead tree

   Defence system

   Deluge (global)

   Departure to school

   Eternal portrait of Mr RM

   Eternal portrait of Mr RM [working proof]

   For the individualist only

   Heavenly road


   Mother combing Nonka's hair


   Old man

   One tree hill reserve


   Plantation in spring

   Point of view

   Rational economy I

   Rational economy II


   Self-portrait in the mirror

   Shooting party

   Side effects


   Soul of the corporation

   Space cemetery

   Still life

   Stone watching

   Strong man

   Study of a woman's head

   The flower hat

   The whole life of Mr. Bug

   Tree of birds

   Tree of two

   Trees, above and below the ground, woman and cat in well

   Under the trees

   Untitled (Miss money)

   Walking the dog

   Woodblock for 'Bugs' tree'

   Woodblock for 'Eternal portrait for Mr RM'