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Australian :: Photographs after 1920    Gordon Darling

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   Blanchewater Hill, 4 October 1987

   Bolla Bollana Creekbed, 13 May 1976

   Bolla Bollana Creekbed, 13 May 1976

   Dog kennels, Koonalda Homestead

   Koonalda Homestead

   Lake Frome, sunrise, 25 September 1986

   Mosquito Hill

   Myponga beach

   Pandie Pandie, sunset, 18 September 1986

   Pepegoona Creek, 10 December 1976

   Reflections, Marino Rocks

   Reflections, Seacliff

   Shop window, Melbourne

   Sun and grass, Buckland Park

   Viper Creek, 21 December 1979

   Wall, Melbourne

   Water conservation scheme, Koonalda Homestead