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CANT, James

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   (Old lady walking her dog in a London street)

   (Railway crossing)

   (Three female figures)

   Aboriginal landscape

   Abstract design

   Abstract design

   Abstract study

   Abstract study

   After the bushfire, Katoomba


   Bird on bush

   Bush spirits

   Car & dog

   Cave painting or The ancestors

   Cedar tree

   Dragon fly

   Dream time landscape

   Dry grass

   Easter chicken

   Face and reflections - Sonny Glynne

   Flinders Ranges landscape

   Girl from Pemberton Road

   Girl writing


   Harp Terrace, South Wales

   Hills garden

   Holloway road

   Lizards in landscape

   Man with a barrow

   Maple Street, Tottenham Court Road

   Merchants of Death

   Mundoie bird

   Murray near Purnong

   Night on bald mountain

   Orange lichen

   Orphan Rock, Katoomba

   Road with hills

   Rocky landscape

   Sand painting

   Self portrait

   Snow at Highbury

   Sonny Glynne

   St Anne's Church

   Still Life

   Still life with jug, lemon and apple

   Still life, Bloomsbury

   Still life: eggcup, jug & plate with cheese

   Summer at Aldinga

   The Bomb

   The bridge

   The cemetery

   The centre of the world 1930

   The Clearing

   The copper mine

   The dead heart

   The deserted homestead II

   The fledgling

   The grave

   The horse monument

   The mind's black goat

   The old orchard

   The oneiric skyscrapers

   The railway embankment, Finsbury Park

   The Red Hill

   The river gums

   The sandhills

   The yellow hill

   The yellow hill


   Two nudes

   Undine in the reeds 11

   Untitled (Aboriginal designs)

   Woman in pub