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Titles by the artist:

ROBERTS, Douglas

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   A Greek priest

   Exhibit No 1 (The boult upright candle)

   Exhibit No 2 (The man carrying his twankydillo)

   Exhibit No 3 (Max Harris splitting the infinitive)

   Exhibit No 4 (Detective Vogelwangler 'sticking it')

   Exhibit No 5 (One reason)

   Exhibit No 6 (The sedate quadville)

   Exhibit No 7 (The woman opening her drawers)

   Exhibit No 8 (The famous meeting)

   Exhibit No 9 (Max Harris exercising man's inalienable right to be sad at his own funeral)


   The Dispossessed

   The Miracle of Chance

   The Parable

   The Trial of Max Harris - 2. Nightmare

   Three figures in a landscape

   Trial of Max Harris - 1. Hilarity

   View through an old man's fingers