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HELE, Ivor

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   Artist's wife reading

   Back view of ballet dancer

   Back view of woman reclining

   Centaur chasing woman

   Cliffs at Port Willunga

   Gull Rock (study for the painting 'Blanche Point')

   Gums & dray

   Gustave Slapoffski

   Gym Khana scene and study of two figures

   Ivor Hele student sketchbook [twenty-five studies of objects]

   June reading


   Life study, back view

   Lyndon Dadswell

   Nude bending forward

   Nude study

   On the coast looking towards Port Willunga


   Portrait of a seated man

   Portrait of seated man

   Pulling dead Jap from foxhole with pick

   Scene near Aldinga

   Seated nude


   Sketch book (fifty-three studies of figures and horses)

   Sketch book (five studies of lizards)

   Sketch book (seventy-nine studies of nudes, figures, animals and compositional sketches)

   Sketch book (ten ballet studies)

   Sketch book page (man playing a guitar)

   Sketch book page (seated man)

   sketch book page (seated woman)

   Sketch book page (studies of cows)

   Sketch book page (studies of cows)

   Sketch book page (studies of horses)

   Sketch book page (studies of horses)

   Sketch book page (studies of horses)

   Sketch book page: 'The finish of the day's work' (verso, studies of horses)

   Sketch book page: two boys seated (verso, seated girl and dog)

   Sketch book page: two head studies

   Sketchbook #3: with two landscape drawings

   Still life with skull

   Stretcher bearers

   Studies of brothel scenes

   Studies of facial features

   Studies of hands

   Studies of hands and mouth

   Studies of seagulls

   Studies of soldiers for the painting 'The Charge of the Light Horse at Beersheba'

   Study for a dead soldier in the painting 'Raid on Carrier Hill (by a company of the 2/48th Battalion) 22 April 1941'

   Study for the portrait of Samuel Boucher Denton

   Study of a man's head

   Study of a soldier for the painting 'Taking Old Vickers Position, Bobdubi Ridge, 28 July 1943'

   Study of an arm

   Study of hands

   Study of June

   Study of two men, one lying in bed

   The abduction

   The fool

   The grip of Mammon

   Three studies of running cows for the painting 'Through Ranges, where at racing speed Old Kiley used to wheel the lead'

   Trees near Aldinga

   Two horses feeding

   Two studies of horses rearing

   Two studies: study of a man on a beach with umbrella; study of a man on a horse

   Willunga landscape

   Woman and two children playing in surf