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Titles by the artist:


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   A forest



   Daily life in suburban Krak√≥w

   Dead man

   Ecology of consumers, (Study for 'Side effects')

   Full length portrait of a young man

   Head of a boy

   Man with cow

   Mother and child

   Multiple studies for 'Eternal portrait of Mr RM'

   Preparatory study for 'Cranes'

   Preparatory study for 'Landscape'

   Preparatory study for 'Landscape'

   Self portrait

   Self portrait

   Six pencil sketches, including maze

   Studies for 'Odd flower out'

   Studies of goats (recto and verso)

   Studies of goats and seated figure (recto and verso)

   Study for 'Ania'

   Study for 'Eternal portrait of Mr RM'

   Study for 'Heavenly road'

   Study for 'Mother embroidering'

   Study for 'Self portrait in mirror'

   Study for 'Two models'

   Study for 'Two women sitting underneath the trees'

   Study for Funeral

   Study for Leszek reading

   Study for Mother and Ania, reading and eating; verso: studies of figure reading

   Study for Outskirts of Nowy Sacz

   Study for Potato Diggers

   Study for Soldier's head

   Study for students in the workshop

   Study for Surrender

   Winter in Poland

   Woman seated, leg outstretched, house on hill at rear

   Woman with eyes closed, with child and dog