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Titles by the artist:

CANT, James

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   A meeting at Paddington Town Hall

   Aboriginal design

   Abstract pattern with tentacles

   Adam and Eve

   Cityscape with sun

   Design with fish

   Fabric design (fish)

   Factory scene with chimneys

   Factory with chimney

   Figure with spade, arm raised

   Five floating figures

   Floating head, screaming man buried in landscape



   Head of a man

   Head of a woman

   Head of a woman

   Naked man tearing head off


   Seated naked woman

   Study for 'The bomb' (1)

   Study for 'The bomb' (2)

   Study for 'The mind's black goat'

   Study for 'The mind's black goat'

   Sydney Harbour Bridge

   The abominable beast

   The Bega Road

   Three Mimi Spirits

   Three organic forms

   Trees and grass