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Titles by the artist:

BOYD, Arthur

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   Aboriginal couple with child

   Aborigine in cave with bride head on rock

   Betty Burstall with her son Dan

   Betty Burstall, head lowered (verso study of arms)

   Bird, sun and ram above figure chained to rock

   Central Australian Sketchbook II: figure and wildlife studies

   Central Australian Sketchbook II: landscape, figure and wild life studies

   Central Australian Sketchbook II; landscape, figure and wild life studies

   Central Australian Sketchbook IV: landscape and wildlife studies

   Central Australian Sketchbook IV: landscape and wildlife studies

   Child with marble, child with doll, moth and lighthouse

   Cripple beneath tree with embracing figures, prostrate figure and dog

   Dancing cripple with gramophone, dog and bird

   Doris Boyd seated with hand over mouth

   Doris Boyd stoking a fire

   Doris Boyd with clasped hands

   Doris Boyd with hand over mouth

   Doris Boyd, head and clasped hands

   Doris Boyd, with clasped hands, in an armchair

   Double figure reflected in pool

   Embracing figures

   Fallen figure with rifle and weeping bird

   Figure crouching by creek with figure on ram

   Figure on a couch

   Figure reflected in cup above beast with branches

   Figure with boat

   Figure with figures in river

   Figure with ram by creek

   Figures before gabled buildings

   Figures by creek in wooded landscape with figure on ram

   Figures holding a weeping bird with figures and howling dog

   Figures lifting into coffin

   Figures on a hill with snake: 'Agony in the Garden'

   Figures sleeping on a hill, figure with ladder and angels: 'Jacob'

   Figures with hospital bed and sleeping dog: Army hospital

   Figures with lyre (verso studies of hands)

   Flying swan over corpse in funeral barge with figure on shore

   Heavily wooded landscape

   Horses and ploughman

   John and Mary Perceval (Mary Boyd)

   Kneeling figure before door with prostrate figure and beast

   Kneeling figure receiving blessing on shore with phoenix, boat and boiling billy

   Levitating figure over bed with attendant figures

   Nude in landscape with ram and bird

   Polly Boyd in high chair

   Portrait of Polly Boyd on an easel

   Pregnant woman sleeping (verso sketch of pregnant woman on side)

   Prostrate figure in wooded landscape

   Prostrate figure with branch head

   Ram with figure crouching by creek

   Ram-headed figure with nude

   Seated figure embracing kneeling figure

   Seated figure with dog

   Sleeping figures with dog

   Sleeping figures with plough, animals and birds

   Two figures below angel with stick

   Weeping figure and head

   Woman holding back leg of dog with tree

   Woman's head and hands

   Woman's skirt and boots

   Wooded hill with quarry and grazing cattle (verso sketch of man on horse)

   Yvonne Boyd (Yvonne Lennie) lying on a couch with book and clarinet case

   Yvonne Boyd and Polly

   Yvonne Boyd with head on hands

   Yvonne Lennie, with head on hands (verso portrait of young man wearing hat)